Massage Therapy For EveryBODY

 Village Therapeutics is a small and beautiful Center located in Santa Rosa, Ca. We offer Massage Therapy for everyBODY.

Our setting is something between a Spa and a Health Center. We emphasize customer service and customizing massages to fit your needs.

 Our prices are set at a rate that can be afforded for stress reduction and health maintenance. We also offer classes in Massage for Everyone, Reflexology, Lymphatic Massage,  and other health topics.

Andrea Thompson/Susan Kirk are owners of Village Therapeutics. They have been Certified in Massage Therapy since 2005 and 1995. They strive for a business that is small, customer friendly and has happy, well trained and fair paid employees.

A Secret Summer Oasis

When the days are long and hot, there is nothing better than a day at the spa! Come in for one of our end of summer services and leave feeling renewed and relaxed. Let us be your cooling summer oasis. Schedule your appointment today!

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